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Our chief vigneron or the mastermind behind the project is Baldo Lucaroni, born in Umbria Italy during the hot summer of 1942. His knowledge is passed down from his family, where both his grandfathers and father had land under vines and interests in wine making. He planted his first vines in 1969 in Torgiano, Umbria (a central region of Italy). Until the mid 1980s he continued growing grapes while marketing his uncles’ wine all over Canada, the USA, Hong Kong and Singapore. This vineyard here in Australia is a revisit to his past bringing his knowledge into making a natural red wine designed to accompany and enhance meals.

His main challenge is to introduce a new approach and attitude towards wine drinking. The goal is to produce a balanced style of wine that shows its full potential with food. Striving to benefit and educate the consumers that wine is not merely an alcoholic beverage but an integral part to a meal.

We are a small operation using all the traditional methods to bring you a wine that is natural and preservative free the way they have been for centuries upon centuries. We believe that there is no need to use all the modern chemicals, as they are destructive to the soil and to our health.

The name Montefalco is inspired by a town in Umbria Italy where Baldo’s sister has vineyards and a winery Rocca di Fabbri. This area is where the beautiful indigenous grape variety Sagrantino originated. After several years of waiting for this variety to clear quarantine and the time needed for propagation, we planted Sagrantino on our vineyard in 2008.

Our land and the neighbouring Porongurup National Park is home to many large wedge tail eagles and small falcons, which makes our name Montefalco (Mount Falcon) quite symbolic. The land is breathtaking with its pockets of old growth Karri trees, giant granite boulders and sweeping views of the Stirling Ranges.

The vineyard totals about 6 acres, growing Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc, Nebbiolo and Sagrantino.

The Porongurup area has a unique microclimate, with many cool-cloud covered summer days, providing ideal conditions for the grapes to ripen with a well-balanced acid to sugar ratio. With the longest growing season in Western Australia, the Porongurup wine region is the last to harvest.

The grapes are grown with sustainable and traditional farming practices following Bio-dynamic principles of feeding and enriching the soil, not the vine. The grapes are hand picked then fermented without artificial additives or sulphites. See our Step by Step page for the Montefalco Wine Making Process.

Our vineyard is unique because we use cypress pine anchor holding posts, which are naturally white ant resistant. Most vineyards in Australia (Organic or not) use CCA treated pine posts near their vines. 

The leaching of Copper, Chromium and Arsenic into the soil is something that we did not want to entertain. So you can be sure our wine will thankfully not have any traces of potentially toxic contaminants.

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